Father’s Day

This year for Father’s day, I took the kids to the World Market and let them pick out stuff they thought he would like. They ended up picking out soda, chocolate and chips. He also got some new pants and a tie. ( he hates ties.)We also made a cherry pie and ate it with strawberry ice cream! He does so much for our family and we really wanted him to feel loved and appreciated on this day! Something is always breaking around here and he does his best to keep us running.

S is for Sunshine, Smiles and Stinky Feet

Well, almost a whole entire month has gone by and I have not blogged here.   It has been so pretty and green around here.  I have gotten my kids to go on a few hikes.  Kiki and Shanny are picking up trash on some hikes for their Personal Progress value projects.

Ty started scouting this summer and went to scout camp for his first time.  He survived, a little worse for the wear. Norm went up with him and they also did a service project up there as well.   Doing laundry after one of these scout camps is an aromatic event.    Ty’s feet are getting awfully smelly and I bought him some of those deodorizing sneaker balls.   They seem to be working.

Norm and I went on a mini-second honeymoon for our anniversary.  That was really great and I wish it could have been longer.  We are planning on doing this every year.  We probably won’t stay somewhere as posh as the Stanley next time but it will be something to look forward to.  I was always too worried to leave the kids when they were little.  Now I don’t worry AS MUCH.  The girls made us plate of cookies and cleaned the house for us. (  Highlight of that excursion was the moose we saw on the way home.) 

Nederland finally opened it’s Carousel of Happiness.   Even though my kids are a bit too old to ride,  we went and checked it out.  The animals were beautifully painted and  designed for little kids’ tushes. 

Rach needs some professional looking clothes for some of her accounting meetings so we have been trying to find some business -wear for her.  Any suggestions for a good store to go to?   We have been to Nordstroms, Ross, Marshalls,  Tj MAXX,  thrift stores.  Speaking of thrift stores…..I  was trying on a shirt on top of my shirt at a store and when I took off the shirt,  I accidentally took of BOTH shirts right there.  I did not even notice that I took off my own shirt.    Oops. Luckily, Kiki told me and I did not walk around in my bra.  I think that goes on the number one embarrasing moment of my life now. 

Fun Store:  The Pacific Ocean Marketplace.   Good  selection of rice and noodles, very entertaining.  Lots of curiosities.  I did not dare take a photo there.

I am out of practice of blogging and I am sorry that these photos are duplicates and in strange order.

Almost June!

It has been a crazy month and it is almost June!   We went to Ty’s Fifth grade send off, Shanny’s eight grade continuation ceremony, Kiki is now a senior and Rach completed her first year in college!  Everyone did an awesome job in school and we went out to celebrate good grades.  We hope to go to Elitches for more celebrating!

I forgot my password for this blog and that is the excuse I have for not blogging.  I finally had to use my keypass to figure it out.  ( and it was Shanny who helped me with that. )

I was released as piano player for RS so I can concentrate on the secretary job now.

Kiki’s Blog!

http://kawaiilovekiki.wordpress.com/     This is Kiki’s new blog.  She has been creating some fun stuff if you want to take a look.

Old Man Winter Makes a Comeback

For crying out loud!    UNCLE!   It has been snowing  a lot lately and I feel like we are heading back into winter.   We got six or seven inches Tuesday night and last night another three.  So… what do those poor hummingbirds do that arrived here last week?   I worry incessantly about things like that.  This is a photo of some Pedia cacti  (sp ?) blooming just a couple days ago.  They get rather large and only grow on the south facing slopes around here.   When we first moved here I put some in my garden and found out, duh, that they are quite painful.  So I removed them and just enjoy them on the outskirts of our property.

We switched bus stops and now go to a different,  somewhat less crowded one.  The kids will all ride the same bus next year, budget cuts.  I am not complaining,  since that is what they did when we first moved up here to the mountains.   I just wish they would have done it sooner because it won’t affect us at all next year with Ty going into Middle school anyways.

The last band concert of the year tonight.  I need to bring my earplugs. 

Rach is home from college.  She  worked really hard this past year and actually got a 4.o her freshman year.  I am so proud of her.  She is job-hunting for a summer work now. The prospects are not so fabulous.  She is going to take some cooking lessons from me this summer and add some recipes to her recipe box that are not sweet-oriented.   Also with her coming home, we won’t have room in the car to give our friend, MM a ride to church.  I will not say anymore about that. 

Mother’s day was pretty nice.  Kiki gave me a scrapbooking kit and I am looking forward to using that.  Hubby gave me some new plants.

Ty, Rach and Shanny made me cards and Shanny make me a koala bear statue in pottery.  They really made me feel special and loved.

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