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The ducks came this week to the pond, the day after it melted.  I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to get a photo though.  I will keep trying!  My kids were eager to catch some crayfish but we didn’t see any yet.   The hummingbirds should be arriving this week…if they are on “schedule”.  I saw a small group of Pasque flowers blooming and that is another sure sign of spring!


Jumping into Spring!


Happy Easter!

Expensive Ice Cream!

We went on a hike a few days ago in Boulder.  It was beautiful!   We saw a falcon,  red rocks,  prickly pear cacti,  GREEN grass.  The day was warm,  summerlike and I felt like taking the kids for ice cream  afterwards.  We drove a few blocks and parked on Pearl street, paid the meter and went off and got some dairy confections.  About an hour later,  we walked back and I was mortified to see I had received a parking violation for having one of my tires over the line!   I had to laugh a little later because I had been giving my 11 year old son a lecture on the dangers of crossing the street in the city and to be cautious because we don’t live on a busy road and he isn’t used it.  Well, duh me.  At least it was only fifteen bucks.  That made the ice cream even more expensive.  But the kids did love the Ben and Jerry’s and the hippies serving it were kind of entertaining.  ( They were some HAIRY guys)   I see no reason to be returning to Pearl Street until I can park according to nazi  regulations.

Have you ever gotten a parking ticket?  Did you pay it?  Did you tell your spouse?  Did you swear? 

 Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Feeding Frenzy

We noticed whenever it snows that the birds eat even more food during a snowstorm during the day.  We have had numerous birds coming to the feeders and the amount of birdseed I am going through is crazy.  But I don’t mind.   I sit at the table and look out the window while we eat and watch the birds eat too.  I used to have ( and still do)  a habit of reading a magazine or book while I eat but I am trying not to do that anymore.  I have tried getting pictures of the little red finches (? name escapes me) but they are elusive and the photos I took are terrible. 

We are starting work on the bathroom sink today.   I am not sure I can even post a picture, it is so gross. 

But this wasn’t gross.  ( to me)   It was the first soycheese pizza I made and this is what it looked like before cooking it. I made it on a spelt/wheat crust and it was pretty good.  I would put less soy chesse next time I make it.   It truly did satisfy my pizza craving with no disastrous effects.

Rach and Bradley

Some fun visitors came  over yesterday.  Rach and Bradley drove up and spent the day with us.  Ty was pretty happy to have a “guy” in the house. 

 I am glad Rach has a good friend at college. 

 She is almost done with her Freshman year.  

 We are supposed to get more snow today.  I am going to try to make it down before it hits.  Milk and pizza run for the kids.  

Funny Finds

For this week’s Funny Finds:

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks.  So much for fresh minty breath.  At least you can savor the taste of pork ribs even longer now.

I also  found this wonderful cake topper from Campmor catalog.  I think it would be extra cheesy on a wedding anniversary cake.  Who even thought this up?   It’s seven inches tall of hand-painted resin and you can top your cake for any occasion. They will even personalize it for you! The price…..$31.99. 

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