Feeding Frenzy

We noticed whenever it snows that the birds eat even more food during a snowstorm during the day.  We have had numerous birds coming to the feeders and the amount of birdseed I am going through is crazy.  But I don’t mind.   I sit at the table and look out the window while we eat and watch the birds eat too.  I used to have ( and still do)  a habit of reading a magazine or book while I eat but I am trying not to do that anymore.  I have tried getting pictures of the little red finches (? name escapes me) but they are elusive and the photos I took are terrible. 

We are starting work on the bathroom sink today.   I am not sure I can even post a picture, it is so gross. 

But this wasn’t gross.  ( to me)   It was the first soycheese pizza I made and this is what it looked like before cooking it. I made it on a spelt/wheat crust and it was pretty good.  I would put less soy chesse next time I make it.   It truly did satisfy my pizza craving with no disastrous effects.


Rach and Bradley

Some fun visitors came  over yesterday.  Rach and Bradley drove up and spent the day with us.  Ty was pretty happy to have a “guy” in the house. 

 I am glad Rach has a good friend at college. 

 She is almost done with her Freshman year.  

 We are supposed to get more snow today.  I am going to try to make it down before it hits.  Milk and pizza run for the kids.  

Funny Finds

For this week’s Funny Finds:

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks.  So much for fresh minty breath.  At least you can savor the taste of pork ribs even longer now.

I also  found this wonderful cake topper from Campmor catalog.  I think it would be extra cheesy on a wedding anniversary cake.  Who even thought this up?   It’s seven inches tall of hand-painted resin and you can top your cake for any occasion. They will even personalize it for you! The price…..$31.99. 

Sometimes I believe in Six Impossible Things before Breakfast, and one of those includes making it to the movies after a two foot snowstorm

Friday it started snowing like crazy and we thought we were not going to be able to make it down for  Alice in Wonderland.  This  movie was tremendously worth all that shoveling to get out of the driveway! 

I am still a bit peeved at our school district for not cancelling the mountain schools.  They are freaking idiots I think!  I made the personal decision to keep them home.  I did not regret this decision after I saw it pile up to two feet by Saturday.  It would have been near to impossible to make it out of here Friday afternoon.   Most of it is melted and the grass is even starting to green up.  I mentioned ticks in my last post….do you think the snow can kill them?  I hope so.

Rach was home for a few days and unfortunately she got sick while she was here.  We just took her back up to school this afternoon.    We celebrated her birthday yesterday with cake and presents.  I cannot believe she is 19!   I was able to resist the cake.  I just finished reading Skinny *itch , cussing and all.   Those are sure some foul-mouthed women but they have convinced me to stop my evil ways.  Let’s see how long  this motivation lasts.  The book French Women don’t get Fat was a brilliant idea but the cheese did me in.

This week is my kids spring break…It is nice to have them home….someone to fold the laundry now.  Ha. 

Ty is going to a sleepover tomorrow so it will be quiet at night.  Kiki and Shanny are going to do something to their cameras and DS.  I will show photos.  It is all the rage in Japan and and it is called DECO DEN.  ( I hope I spelled it right)

We are hoping to get some rollerblading in as well and maybe hit a museum or something educational.   There may be some hikes if the weather stays nice.  I am just glad I don’t have to teach seminary for ten days, drive to the busstop three times a day or nag Ty to get his homework done.  I love Spring Break even if we don’t go somewhere exotic.

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring!  I am crushed for time and I have to go get  the RS Birthday cards sent out ASAP!

Tick Season Arrives!


Tick season…ponytails for the girls and  a buzz cut for the boy.  Check your socks.  Check your pants.  Check your you-know whats.  This is our first tick of the year.   I am feeling bittersweet about it. I am happy because I saw a bluebird today,  some mini wildflowers blooming but also seeing this tick reminds me that I have to be careful  as I trudge through the grass.  All the more reason to stay on the trails and not wander off.  I am itchy just thinking about it. I think I will go take  a shower now.

Cairns @ Boulder Creek



PhotobucketMW spotted these cairns that someone took the time to build recently.  Kiki wanted to see if they were “glued” and accidentally knocked one over.  Some of them were remarkable and very tall!   We wonder who took the time to make these?

On a side note.  I recently noticed that one of my favorite bloggers made her very own photoblog.  So I am being a copy cat and doing the same.  Hope you will stop by.  http://roseyyounameit.wordpress.com/

The Priority Report

My M.W. ( machine Whisperer) and I had a day-date in Longmont yesterday waiting around for Kiki to finish her SAT’s.  That test is five hours long and M.W. and I  got to go pick out new faucets for the bathrooms while she slaved away at the testing headquarters. M.W. and I  also  walked around at a local park where tons of seagulls and Canada geese were swimming around a little lake.  It was a beautiful day!  ( Not so much for Kiki but we did take her out for lunch after she completed her SAT) 

 M.W. finished reading the Marriage Fitness ( Mort Fertel wrote this)   book and asked me to read it as well.  I  am so sorry I did not have this book twenty years ago when our marriage was new!   Mort says we need to make our spouses the priority in our lives.  Not our hobbies, pets, careers,  friends, or children!  The best way to be a good parent is to have a strong marriage.   I have to be honest and say that over the years I have not made my spouse my priority and I can see where it has weakened our relationship.   I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who asked me who my best friend was and I  told her it was my husband.  I don’t think she understood how I could be best friends with my husband.   I did not bother explaining it to her.   We weren’t always best friends….this is a new phenomenon for us!

Another random thing:  I have been trying to cut back on sugar.  It is so difficult!   I have had some massive headaches and some migraines.  I think sugar may be the cause of these.  I have also cut out cheese as it doesn’t seem to agree with my ….how can I tactfully put this?   Bowels.  No more pizza, lasagne, cheese sandwiches, nachos,  or anything like that.  I grew up eating Cache Valley cheese  and eating whatever I wanted.  Now I have to grow up and take care of my body better so I don’t feel terrible.  I can already tell  a difference after a week and the headaches have been less frequent.  Forgoing cheese is  a sacrifice  I can handle.  But the sugar is my real weakness.  There has only been one halloween in my life that I did not eat candy.   I am not saying I will never eat it again.  I am just reducing the intake.  

 Baby chicks at Murdoch’s.

I can just imagine that these doctors are discussing this poor womans health.Hey!  Let’s  put her on a billion prescriptions!

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