Old Man Winter Makes a Comeback

For crying out loud!    UNCLE!   It has been snowing  a lot lately and I feel like we are heading back into winter.   We got six or seven inches Tuesday night and last night another three.  So… what do those poor hummingbirds do that arrived here last week?   I worry incessantly about things like that.  This is a photo of some Pedia cacti  (sp ?) blooming just a couple days ago.  They get rather large and only grow on the south facing slopes around here.   When we first moved here I put some in my garden and found out, duh, that they are quite painful.  So I removed them and just enjoy them on the outskirts of our property.

We switched bus stops and now go to a different,  somewhat less crowded one.  The kids will all ride the same bus next year, budget cuts.  I am not complaining,  since that is what they did when we first moved up here to the mountains.   I just wish they would have done it sooner because it won’t affect us at all next year with Ty going into Middle school anyways.

The last band concert of the year tonight.  I need to bring my earplugs. 

Rach is home from college.  She  worked really hard this past year and actually got a 4.o her freshman year.  I am so proud of her.  She is job-hunting for a summer work now. The prospects are not so fabulous.  She is going to take some cooking lessons from me this summer and add some recipes to her recipe box that are not sweet-oriented.   Also with her coming home, we won’t have room in the car to give our friend, MM a ride to church.  I will not say anymore about that. 

Mother’s day was pretty nice.  Kiki gave me a scrapbooking kit and I am looking forward to using that.  Hubby gave me some new plants.

Ty, Rach and Shanny made me cards and Shanny make me a koala bear statue in pottery.  They really made me feel special and loved.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephanie
    May 14, 2010 @ 02:29:46

    Rosey, the gifts and cards are wonderful! Good reward for a fantastic mom like you. I hope the snow will go away for you.And remember to wear gloves when dealing with cactus ;-D


  2. marnie
    May 14, 2010 @ 14:02:34

    I feel terrible for hummingbirds that arrive too early or stay to late. Nature is often cruel.

    What great gifts your got. Love the little koala.


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