Happy New Year!

  I am thinking long and hard about what I want to carry out this year.    When I was growing up, my dad would print out these papers that asked things like what we did that year, our favorite foods, weight, favorite books, personal information and then what some of our goals were.   Now, I do the same for my kids and have been glad to keep that tradition.    I don’t like the question about our height and weight,  because that is a shocker.   I guess one of my goals is to lose twenty pounds.  I have not been trying very hard!  That’s what I love about the new year, the potential is there to try again.   Another goal I am going to work on is more volunteer work at my son’s school and at church as well.  I have made all sorts of excuses and none of them are practical anymore.  

What are some of your resolutions  and/or goals for this year?  

 Since one of my goals is to eat better this year,  I thought I would share a recipe that steers me in the right direction. One of the best things that I discovered to eat recently is Baked Kale.  Yes.  Baked.    I got it out of the cookbook my mom gave me for my birthday.( Mollie Katzen Vegetarian cooking)  It was strange, because my neighbor who is uber fit told me that baked Kale was good and I  just shelved that tidbit of info.  Then the cookbook had the actual recipe and I tried it last night and  it was so good, I am planning on growing lots more Kale this year!   Even Ty ate it!  But my girls  are scared of it.  Silly.  They are missing out!

Recipe:  Baked Kale Chips

1 # washed, de-stemmed Kale, minced. ( use organically grown if you can find it)

olive oil

350 degrees,  fifteen minutes, approximately,  bake on foil with oil drizzled over.  You may add Parmesan Cheese, if desired.  Eat plain or as a topping on anything!   It is  very crunchy!




Christmas Morning Ebelskivvers

I believe this is a Scandinavian recipe.  My mom gave us the pan many years ago and  we have just made it a tradition to have these Christmas morning.  A delicious pancake, so to speak, drench it in syrup and you are good to go.  Jam is also good with these tasty morsels.   

My girls surprised me Christmas morning by wearing festive outfits, make up and jewelry so I could take photos of them in clothes other than pj’s.   Let’s just say that the guys were not too happy about the idea of changing out of comfy thermals and sweats.   But they were good sports and went along with it. 

The best thing about this Christmas was my Amaryllis blooming exactly on Christmas day.  Virtually no effort for such beauty. 

All the creatures are stirring….

 The gingerbread house went better than usual this year.  Probably  because my kids are older and did most of it themselves.  Nobody ever wants to eat it though.   The floor under the table is still pretty disgusting and I need to clean it up.  

I cannot believe how much stuff has broken in our house in the past month, it has been one thing after the other.  The fridge went wonky, the oven thermostat is freaking out,  the Christmas tree fell over, thanks to my  expanding Holiday hips,  and the car door had a mind of its own.  I am sure I am forgetting something.

On Friday we had to put up our original artificial Christmas tree because the first tree got knocked over in the cruddy old stand I used for it.    I put the real tree outside near the bird feeders and the birds have taken a liking to it.  They hide inside the boughs and act like the tree was always there.   I was ecstatic because we had two finches come to our feeder.  That made my day.  I have had a lot of pleasure from feeding the birds this winter.  I had not had much success with the photographing of birds.  I will keep trying with that zoom lens. I am sure I am doing something wrong.   I  checked out a ton of books on photography from the library, and will take a crash course over the next few months.

Holiday Baking, Less Is More!

Usually around the holidays,  I obsessively bake candy, cookies and fill up tins, plates, and bags to give away.  I decided to scale it back this year,  it was just too overwhelming to have twenty projects going on at once.   I made a huge batch of sugar cookies last night,  and possibly some peppermint bark if I have enough good chocolate lurking inside the pantry.  Even though my husband’s sunday school class is a wild bunch, I still think they deserve treats.  ♥ 

This weekend we will attempt the gingerbread house and also we will make gingerbread people for the kids to decorate. 

Yesterday I tried to figure out how to use my new camera.  I am excited but also bewildered all at once!   It took me half an hour just to get the strap on right!  

 Rach and I went to find boots for her that were not too slippery for her to walk around campus in.  It was not easy finding cute and practical at the same time.  I will have to post a pic with her wearing them.

I am starting to a page on my blog with recipes that have gone over well here.   So  far, there are only two!   But I hope to add more!

Fortieth Birthday!

Everyone keeps telling me that forty is the new thirty.  That doesn’t help that fact that  I am now on the downhill side.   I am trying to embrace the wrinkles.  But I will not embrace any gray hair yet.    My grandmother died on my birthday and that is something that made it sort of bittersweet.    She would have turned 98 this Friday.   The kids and the hubby made my birthday especially nice,  and I would say it was one of the better birthdays I have had.    Ty had a play at school and did a really excellent job being a falcon.   We were  thoroughly entertained!   Fifth graders are hilarious!


An old favorite. This reminds me of staying up until five in the morning watching with Amy H. when I was in Junior High. Everyone was obsessed with Fiddler on the Roof for about a year. Last night the orchestra played a Fiddler on the Roof song at Shanny’s band concert and I had to get my fix today! Thank goodness for Youtube!
Every family has traditions and even more so at Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza etc. We like to do gingerbread people and houses, play games, the giving tree at church, let the kids draw names so they can give each other presents, play Bing Crosby, read special stories, just to name few.
What are your traditions?  And do you even know when they began?  I like it in the beginning of Fiddler on the Roof  when Topol is talking about how they keep their heads covered and wear prayer shawls to show respect for God and that they are always thinking of him.   And then he goes on to say he doesn’t even know when that tradition started!   Surely this classic musical is worth a second look?  Maybe I will start this tradition of watching Fiddler on the Roof every December.

Lurking Bobcats

PhotobucketI know it’s just the rear end view of a bobcat.  But it added some magic to our Sunday.   It was freezing cold.  It was snowing.   And I was fixing some grub. ( toast and cocoa and scrambled eggs. )   The bobcat was spotted by Norm.  He is usually the one to see these things first.   The bobcat wandered through the backyard.   It lifted up it’s leg and peed on the Juniper bush. Then it sniffed around  the bush and grabbed a frozen squirrel carcass and commenced eating it behind the bushes.   I can’t even imagine how hungry it must have been to eat frozen meat.   But it stayed there for ten minutes or more. 

After it got done eating, it came back to the same spot where it found the frozen squirrel and looked for more frozen delights.   Then after finding nothing,  it looked at us, and walked briskly up the mountain.  I tried to get a picture but my camera is not the best, and I am not the best photographer.   The last time a bobcat came to our house, I ran outside and confronted it and took a quick shot.   This time around, I did not feel  comfortable doing that.  This guy was not little!  And why do I suppose it was a male?   Perhaps it was the peeing on the bush?  It was larger than other bobcats we have seen in the past.  Since we can’t have indoor cats,  I count this as our neighborhood cat.  And I hope it eats more voles and squirrels in the future.  Heaven knows we have enough of those in the garden!


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