Carol Brown just took a bus out of town

Last summer, my husband and I went to see The Flight of the Conchords at Red Rocks. I never even blogged about it and I was just thinking about it today. It really was a tremendously hilarious show. Most of the songs I won’t let my kids listen to but this one is pretty okay. More than okay. It’s fabulous. Enjoy.


Awaiting Spring

Photobucket This weekend we got a big, fresh batch of snow.  And this is how our springtime typifies itself in Colorado.  During the spring cleaning frenzy that goes on in my house,  I dug up  a vintage Choral book I bought a few years ago.  It dates back to 1888…times were different back then.( Not that I am an expert on the 1800’s or anything.)   The music  was ethereal and very poetic and unabashedly obsessed with nature.   I liked this song by F. Blangini.  It it called Return, O Brooklet and it really says how I have been feeling about winter lately.  I am so ready for spring and flowers and picnics.  How about you?

Return, return, O brooklet

Send us thy stream’s soft flowing;

The south wind gently blowing,

Bids ice and snow depart:

Once more, O playful wavelets,

In limpid freedom glancing,

Once more in gladness dancing,

Oh hurry to the sea……

Once more in gladness dancing,

Oh hurry to the sea,

Dance on, dance to the sea,

Return, return O brooklet,….



For real?

I really was smiling.  Rosie the tarantula was soft and gentle.  Does this mean I won’t scream every time I see spider in the bathroom?  No.

Craving for color satisfied at the Butterfly Pavillion

PhotobucketPhotobucketThis is terrible lighting.






PhotobucketPhotobucketThis plant reminds me of dreadlocks.  I have lived in Nederland too long!


PhotobucketI held Rosie the tarantula too but the photo is on my daughters camera.  She promised to send it to me soon!

Quitting Dung Hoe

I announced that I was quitting the Dung Hoe blog today.   I will still post on here on occasion.  I have too many commitments to keep all of this going.  

We went to the Butterfly Pavillion yesterday for the kids day off of school.  I will post those photos soon.  I  even held a tarantula and I have proof, Kiki took my photo!

Fourteen days of love, day 14

It just has to be something incredible for the last day.  And yet,  during these last two weeks as I have posted what I love, it has helped me remember how truly blessed I am. 

Without further ado,  for day fourteen… the last day for this…I love♥ that I can love♥ .   It is a huge risk to love someone… but despite that,  we take chances and for that I am thankful.  It is not something simple to declare love for someone…

Fourteen Days of Love, Day 13

Day 13….getting down to it now. I love♥  biking. There are some amazing trails around here and I am counting down until spring gets here.  You are probably looking at this photo and wondering why I said anything at all about trails.  This is NOT me.   This photo is compliments of photo bucket.  With all the hills and steep inclines around here,  I sometimes get a little hankering for flat terrain.   I am going to have to haul our bikes down in the summer to ride around town for Pictures, Images and Photos

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