Tearjerker Book

I just finished crying my way through this book, Same kind of different as me.  It was an inspiring true story and  I am glad I took the time to read it.   Some people at church told me about it.  I have been trying to read literature that uplifts and teaches me something valuable.   This book is going on my favorites list!  And as I was searching for the images on google I discovered that there is a movie in the making!   Of course, the movie is NEVER as good as the book, but I will still look forward to it. 

So, now the real reason of why I haven’t blogged, I have been reading!  And driving all over the place. 

We watched Secondhand Lions again.  Love that movie!  I love the part where they are hoeing in the garden and discover all the seeds they planted are corn,  and they got ripped off by the door- to-door salesmen.  And then when they sit down to eat that corn, many months later, they look like they are in heaven , chowing down.  Good stuff! 

Family wise,  more colds,  more basketball,  root canals, flat tires, lego camp,  snow, but everything is pretty good!


Avatar Awesomeness

Saturday we finally saw Avatar.  I have heard so many good things about the 3D version so I did not want miss out!  I am not going to give a review,  you can do read for yourself in plenty of other places.  But it was worth seeing and I am going to say it is one of my favorite movies now! 

Today I get to take Ty to the dentist,  joy of joys. 

This is going to be another busy week… I just hope I can hold it all together with the latest calling of RS secretary.   Ty has skiing, b-ball and then there’s VT , Home teaching and seminary.  Lately, I look at these young Moms with their little babies and think, it sure was a different time and season to just be home with them, trying to function on a few hours of sleep. Taking care of little ones seems like a piece of cake compared to what I have to do now.

No Frills Fun And Sushi


With all the new gadgets being invented nowadays, not many people actually sit down and play a game together, do a jigsaw puzzle or just sit and talk one on one with each other.    I am afraid that the vast amount of games we have in our basement will crumble from misuse.   We started doing puzzles this holiday and did about five during the Christmas break.   It was very calming and relaxing and gave me a chance to have time to chat with my kids, without the distractions of t.v., computers and music.   Some people in our family, and they shall remain nameless,  refused to get involved in such old-fashioned activities. (ahem, you know who you are.)


Two of my daughters are really into Asian culture  and wanted to try Sushi again.  I decided I would not be a wimp and try it as well.   Am I going to hell in handbasket if I say it’s disgusting?  Everyone raves  and seems to be very fond of this foul food.   Cold rice is the last thing I want to eat.   I am more of a bread girl. A potato woman.  And I will even eat most fish.  But not COLD! 

Shanny liked the Sushi, and my husband tolerated it.  But I couldn’t finish even one piece.

About the bread,  I made my first Brioche. It  was a pecan-cinnamon version.  And I was supposed to lose weight this year.  I did send in 3/4 of it to my husband’s co-workers.  They ate it all so that saved me some calories.  I was suprised at how long it took to make…at least four hours all told.  But worth it.  I will have to save the recipe for special occasions. 


Yesterday was the dreaded gum surgery day.  I want to say, it was horrible.  And the effects of the painkiller made me want to puke.  And this is just the beginning.  I paid good money to feel like crap.  I get to have a root canal next.  The best thing about all of this?  Shanny helped me make chocolate pudding…yet another diet buster…. but it was superb!  The boxed pudding is not even in the same category!  Well worth every stir!   I did not take a picture, darn it, but suffice it to say,  I hid the last bit in the fridge for myself today.