Something New!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all!  I thought we had seen every animal that lived up here in the Colorado Mountains.   On Sunday morning, and you can tell it was early by the quality of my photo,  my husband and I were lucky enough to spot a weasel.  It seemed very curious and poked it’s head out of the hole and looked at us while I tried to get a picture of it.  That was a walk well worth it!  



Happy Thanksgiving!


My kids used to watch Veggie Tales and now they have all grown out of them.  But I miss these songs!  I liked this one for Thanksgiving.

Haunting Teletubbies

Kiki was cleaning out her stuff and left me a little surprise in the cupboard last night.  I really hated Teletubbies!

Swell Season

If you ever saw Once, then you will know who Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard are.  This is a preview of their follow-up to Once.  This is good stuff,  a whole half hour of feel-good music!

Another Visit to Greeley


Dizzy Park

PhotobucketWhat we did on Veteran’s day:

Drive around Louisville to find the library.  Found the library. Found it closed. Duh,  Veteran’s day!  Found a  really fun park in Louisville,  stayed  for a little while and enjoyed the sunshine.  It was unseasonably warm for November. Then we did some shopping, picking up supplies and eating Chinese food for lunch at a new place we discovered.  Shanny and Kiki tried Sushi, Kiki hates it, Shanny can go either way.  


So the biggest deal of the day was Ty getting his hair cut.  Why a big deal?  Because I usually cut it.  For his whole life!  I didn’t want to clean up hair today so I took him in.  He protested vehemently.   But I finally cajoled him and it turned out better than I hoped.  The girl who cut his hair, had electric blue hair.  Not kidding. It was cute, actually.  It was a nice day off for the kids.   We had planned on doing some museum runs but most of the ones we wanted to visit, were closed because of the Veteran’s day. 

We are going to visit Rachy this weekend.   We are pretty sure  she had swine flu. Oh joy.  Hopefully she will be over it by the time we get there on Saturday.  We are bringing her a box of supplies and goodies.  We haven’t seen her in over a month.  She has a boyfriend that was really sweet and brought her soup when she was sick.  I like him already!


Life is a splendid gift, ~Florence Nightingale

On Friday I went to the funeral of a man that goes to our church.    The outpouring of love for this man was simply amazing.  I think funerals can really get you thinking about your life and how you are living it.  

My daughter Kiki  was sleeping over at friends house and also stayed after school to help out with a fundraiser.  She called me at 1:30 in the morning to say she was sick.  I was expecting this call,  because in the past, she always gets sick at this certain friends house.  It could be  her dog allergy.  They live about twenty minutes away, so I put on something other than my pj’s and headed out.  When I arrived, she came outside and told me she had vomited in their bathroom just a few minutes before.   Ugh….I was thinking,  here we go.   We made it home without incident.  I am wondering when the rest of us will feel cruddy. 

I  get  to have gum surgery in January.   A good excuse to eat ice cream, I guess.   The dentist appointment on Monday was just one disaster after the other.  I should have gotten dentures when I was twenty.  I am just thankful that my kids got some good teeth genes from my husband.  He has never had a root canal in his life.   I am the queen of crowns.  I just wish our dental insurance was decent.  As it stands, we will be spending a small fortune on this piehole of mine. 

We worked on the driveway yesterday.  It was starting to look like a jeep road, with all the summer rains, it has gotten terribly washed out.   My back and arms are feeling it today.  My husband says, ” it let’s you know you are alive.”

It’s true. I am alive, despite my teeth, arms and back hurting.   And my life is a gift from God,  which I am so thankful for.

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