The Priority Report

My M.W. ( machine Whisperer) and I had a day-date in Longmont yesterday waiting around for Kiki to finish her SAT’s.  That test is five hours long and M.W. and I  got to go pick out new faucets for the bathrooms while she slaved away at the testing headquarters. M.W. and I  also  walked around at a local park where tons of seagulls and Canada geese were swimming around a little lake.  It was a beautiful day!  ( Not so much for Kiki but we did take her out for lunch after she completed her SAT) 

 M.W. finished reading the Marriage Fitness ( Mort Fertel wrote this)   book and asked me to read it as well.  I  am so sorry I did not have this book twenty years ago when our marriage was new!   Mort says we need to make our spouses the priority in our lives.  Not our hobbies, pets, careers,  friends, or children!  The best way to be a good parent is to have a strong marriage.   I have to be honest and say that over the years I have not made my spouse my priority and I can see where it has weakened our relationship.   I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who asked me who my best friend was and I  told her it was my husband.  I don’t think she understood how I could be best friends with my husband.   I did not bother explaining it to her.   We weren’t always best friends….this is a new phenomenon for us!

Another random thing:  I have been trying to cut back on sugar.  It is so difficult!   I have had some massive headaches and some migraines.  I think sugar may be the cause of these.  I have also cut out cheese as it doesn’t seem to agree with my ….how can I tactfully put this?   Bowels.  No more pizza, lasagne, cheese sandwiches, nachos,  or anything like that.  I grew up eating Cache Valley cheese  and eating whatever I wanted.  Now I have to grow up and take care of my body better so I don’t feel terrible.  I can already tell  a difference after a week and the headaches have been less frequent.  Forgoing cheese is  a sacrifice  I can handle.  But the sugar is my real weakness.  There has only been one halloween in my life that I did not eat candy.   I am not saying I will never eat it again.  I am just reducing the intake.  

 Baby chicks at Murdoch’s.

I can just imagine that these doctors are discussing this poor womans health.Hey!  Let’s  put her on a billion prescriptions!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donna
    Mar 16, 2010 @ 16:05:03

    Everything in moderation….the sugar and the cheese.

    Nice when marriages are rejuvenated. Since the day Phillip was born, I’ve been telling my son that the best thing he can do for his son is to love his mother.



  2. Meredith
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 03:16:51

    No sugar is hard. I go back and forth with it all the time. I’m currently in moderation mode.

    Murdoch’s has chicks? Murdochs is my husband’s favorite store. We’re rancher-wanna-bees.


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