Holiday Baking, Less Is More!

Usually around the holidays,  I obsessively bake candy, cookies and fill up tins, plates, and bags to give away.  I decided to scale it back this year,  it was just too overwhelming to have twenty projects going on at once.   I made a huge batch of sugar cookies last night,  and possibly some peppermint bark if I have enough good chocolate lurking inside the pantry.  Even though my husband’s sunday school class is a wild bunch, I still think they deserve treats.  ♥ 

This weekend we will attempt the gingerbread house and also we will make gingerbread people for the kids to decorate. 

Yesterday I tried to figure out how to use my new camera.  I am excited but also bewildered all at once!   It took me half an hour just to get the strap on right!  

 Rach and I went to find boots for her that were not too slippery for her to walk around campus in.  It was not easy finding cute and practical at the same time.  I will have to post a pic with her wearing them.

I am starting to a page on my blog with recipes that have gone over well here.   So  far, there are only two!   But I hope to add more!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrea
    Dec 17, 2009 @ 17:28:15

    Very cute cookies. Nice pictures.


  2. Marnie
    Dec 18, 2009 @ 16:34:23

    Practical and cute, you can never find an item that has both.

    Hope you love your new camera when you get it figured out. There is always an adjustment period when you think that buying something new might have been a mistake…for me anyway.


  3. Amber
    Dec 20, 2009 @ 14:34:15

    OHMYGOSH, those sugar cookies look DELICIOUS! I’m always looking for a good sugar cookie recipe if you have one!


  4. JoAnne
    Dec 22, 2009 @ 19:15:14

    I love the snowflake cookie cutter. Gotta find me one of those.


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